How to prevent indexing of pages by Google?


If you do not want Google to indexing your pages, you can prevent it in a very simple way. Just go to your robots.txt file. From where to start and how should you do this? Here are some practical tips and tricks.

What is a robots.txt file?

Robots.txt is a file, which is placed in the root directory of your site and which parts of the site indicates those that will not be visible to the robots browsers. We are talking about a file, which we use only in a situation where we want to block indexing by different browsers and Google.

Before you use it

This method of blocking access involves some risk. What? Each robot interprets different the syntax. It is therefore important to use the appropriate syntax, so that each of them could easily recognize the command. What else? Command in the robots.txt file can not always prevent diversions from other sites. This means that the prohibited URLs found elsewhere in the network will be indexed.

How to write a robots.txt file?

If you want to make the entire site has not been indexed in the robots.txt file in the User-agent position Enter * (asterisk), and the position Disallow / (slash).

It is also possible administration directives in HTML tags, so-called. meta tags. It looks like this:

<meta name = “robots” content = X>, where X is:

Noindex – no-index page
Nofollow – do not follow the links on the page