How to react when you’ve been hacked?

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The sooner you know that you have been the victim of a hacker attack, the sooner you will be able to take various measures and minimize the damage. What to do when we find out about the hack crime?


If you or your friends started to receive strange mails, which have never been sent by you, someone shares information on social media channels as you, you’ve got problems to log in into your website even if you’re sure about the right passoword, everything seems that you have been the victim of a hacker. What you should do?

1. If you still can log in, do it and change the passoword. If not, immediately contact with the Internet service provider and inform them about attack. When you regain access, be sure to see exactly all the account settings to verify that  hacker did not shimmer settings.

2. Make sure that you’ve changed passoword and checked settings. It’s extremely important, especially if you used many of the same accounts with one password and the same settings.

Mobile devices

More and more people use mobile devices and the power of this market is enormous. Which means that more and more hackers trying to make an attack. How t oreact when your mobile device has been hacked?

1. First of all, update your anti-virus program to the latest version and use it to scan and verify is there something wrong. If it does, follow the steps recommended by anti virus scanner.

2. If software can’t protect your device, you should consider reinstalling the operating system and additional protection by online scanners.

It’s really important to know how to react in this special occasion. If you don’t want to lose your content, important stuff or great pics from the last holiday, you must react as soon as possible. The best decision is to contact with your Internet service provider which probably will try to solve the problem as fast as it possible.