How to select fonts?

Young man sitting on a parquet floor and using a laptop with hot air balloon in the background

Selecting fonts may be hard but also may be very enjoyable process of creating something beautiful. So, the wuestion is – how to select fonts?

Presentation of text, article and whole website is extremely important so that is why we should take care about it. So what are elements about we must remember?

1. The right font

It’s all about fonts and the character of what you’re writing about. It’s kind of normal that runnig a website with topics for kids you’ll use another font than in case of med website or law.

2. The size

Size does matter, trust us. So the most important is to remember about another size of title, another size of headline and another of the content. Of course you just can’t make a too big difference between sizes because the whole look of website will be not interesting and just bad.

3. Colours

Lately, the most popular colour are these minimalistic like black, silver, grey. Of course the most important is to remember that colours can’t be unreadable and glaring the eyes. The colour of font and the background should contrast but not too much. Black backround and light pink is not the best idea ;).

4. Aesthetics

Even if everybody know and remember about aesthetic writing, it’s really hard to actually write aesthetic posts. So, remember about spaces between paragraphs, don’t write too long paragraphs (4-5 lines is a maximum)

We know that writing about rules and some “what to do” lists is much more easier than going with this through the real life but remember about this is very important and may be steps for success in designing a look of website.