How to set featured image?

High angle view of an artist drawing something on graphic tablet at the office

Featured image is one of the most important element which task is of course give the appearance of the whole post but also, to encourage the reader to enter the article and give the appearance of the whole post. How to set featured image?
It’s very simple. First of all, photo which you want to add, has to be saved at your computer.
If you’ve saved the picture now it’s the time to upload it. What you have to do?

1. At the right side, under the “categories” and “tags” there is placed “Featured image” tap.


2. Now it’s time to click “Set featured image”. Then you’ll see the Media Library which looks like this below. If you add image for the first time, your library will be empty. No you have to choose the “Upload files” tap.


3. Next step is to add a files. It’s very simple beacuse of the WordPress intuitiveness which gives us a helpful advices what and where to do. As you can see, you can add image using two methods. First is drop the files anywhere in the “uploading field” or select from the disc. Both methods are fast, simple and not complicated so it’s up to you which one will be better.

dodaj plik4. The last step is set the featured image. You can also add an alternative text, caption and description but it’s not necessary. That’s it! Good luck :)