How to upgrade WordPress?


Secure upgrading WordPress is one of these activities you should take care about the most. It’s not that tough as you may (or may not) think about it and if you follow the main rules, you won’t have any problems with it. Ok, shall we start?

Your first step should be making a backup your database. It’s very important to do it because if you would like to revert the old version of WordPress, there is a chance that you will have to restore your database from these backups.

After this, the next you should do is back up all your WordPress files. Yes, ALL. Using FTP program to download your WP files will be necessary.

The third step is to verification of backups. A lot of specialists say that this step is the most important in whole upgrading process! Thanks to verification, you’ll be sure about the backups and you’ll be able to navigate them.

Deactivation all plugins you’ve installed is the next step. You can do it in your admin panel under the plugins choice.

Fifth step is about downloading and extracting the WordPress package. In this step you should download the unzip package from

Now, you should delete old WordPress files like:

  • wp-* (except for those above), readme.html, wp.php, xmlrpc.php, and license.txt
  • wp-admin folder
  • wp-includes folder
  • wp-content/cache folder
  • wp-content/plugins/widgets folder

Now, you can upload new files to your site server in the same way when you did installing WordPress for the very first time.

Okay, now you can run the WordPress upgrade program and follow instructions presented on your screen. Next, you must update Permalinks and .htaccess by Administration-Settings-Permalinks.

Now, find the plugins and themes which are compatible with new version of WordPress and install them. Now it’s time for reactivation our plugins using Adminstration Panel.

The almost last step is to add security key definitions to the wp-config.php file and after this you can review what has changed in your latest version of WordPress. And you’re done! Congratulations :)