How to use the WYSIWYG editor?


You know wht exactly WYSIWYG means? “What you see is what you get” – and thanks to this you can edit and make some art with your content before you publish it. How to use the WYSIWYG WordPress editor and hove some fun with it?

If you use WordPress for the very first time, your editor looks probably just like that:



It’s because the option called “kitchen sink” hasn’t been ON, but don’t worry, we’ll do it later. First, we’re going to define what exactly means every single icon.

Add media – there’s nothing new, thanks to this button you can add some media files, e.g. pics or videos

Visual/Text – Your content can be displayed in WYSIWYG option(visual) or in the HTML language (text). So you can code something or add embed links in the text area and it will be displayed in the visual area.

B- Bold. If you click on it, the text will become bold.

I – When you click it, text will be italic

Strike (crossed ABC) – struck text with a line through the center

Bulleted list – Text will in a form of bullet list

Numbered list – the same as the above one but with the numbers :)

Blockquote – this option makes from your highlighted text a quote

Left, Center, Right Align – thanks to these buttons you can align your content as you want in the paragraph or in the whole text

Link (chain icon) – this option works only if you earlier highlighted the text. By clicking this icon you can enter an URL link and choose if it has to be open in new window or in the same

Unlink – You can remove your link

The “more” break – It’s the option between the lead of the text and the rest of it. You can see it as “Read more…”

Spell check – this button will change the preferred language of the editor’s spell check dictionary

Full screen – You can see editor in full screen option

Toggle Kitchen sink – thanks to this button you can have some… more options!


And we’ve got the second line of the option! Starting from the left:

Paragraph – You’ve also another options in this area, like headings. You can choose the size of your heading or go back to your paragraph.

Underline – You can underline your text

Justify – Another alignment option

Text color – there’s nothing new to explain – choose the color of your text!

Paste as text – thanks to this button you can paste some text for example from other source without a problems with another style of the text!

Clear formatting- Highlighted text will be removed from styles!

Special character – the list will drop down the help with inserting special characters that are hard to access

Decrease/ Increase indent – If you highlight the block-level and press these button, it will be indented or un-indented

Undo / Redo – You back your move and make it again :)

Help – get some WordPress help!