How to use widgets?

Fashion designer using tablet computer in the studio

What are widgets? For those who don’t know, widgets add additional content and features in website’s sidebar like categories, archives or custom menus and more. But the real question is, how to use widgets? If you don’t know, this simple tutorial will definitely help you! 

The best thing in widgets except their functionality of course, is fact that you don’t have to be code master or great programmer. It’s very easy in use and learn so there’s nothing that you actually can’t do.

If you want to see how to use widgets and how the work, go to the section Appearance – Widgets in you admin panel. There, you’ll see all available widgets, default and those which have been added by your plugins. In this section, on the right side, you’ll see all of the widgets, which are available by location. If you would like to add a widget to a location, all you must do is just drag the widgets from the place where it’s located into the right section where it will be activated.