Icons in web design – FontAwesome

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Have you heard about FontAwesome? Of course you’ve had. But for those who are beginners in this world, let us introduce you the generation that helps in you many, many ways…
Speaking of. What is FontAwesome? It’s the generator of scalable vector icons which in fact, are constantly customizing with CSS. In a nutshell, all of the sizes, colors, drop shadows and much more adapt to CSS.

Why is it worth to use FontAwesome?

Well, firs of all, it’s free. And its quality is very, very good. I could stop writing my article at this point, because, is there something more important that having something good and paying nothing? Well, indeed.

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There are no problems with work between FontAwesome and all frameworks. You don’t have problems, things are not getting complicated. What’s more, FontAwesome is also friendly to your desktop which means that you can use a completely set of vectors.


To sum up

We are used to live in very comfortable way and we want the same from the products or services we use. That is why FontAwesome meets all of these requirements and created scalable vector graphics which means that it’s compatible with every size of screen and always looks good.