Icons in Web designing

Creative mobile applications, media technology and internet networking web communication concept: metal cube with cloud of color application icons isolated on white background with reflection effect

We all know what is an icon. It’s quick visual method to convey the information and for some time there are trends associated with it, which you should know and remember about. How should look like modern icons and what are their main features?

We should start from Icon’s style. Currently there are two trends in icons designing. First is minimalistic and synchronized with flat design. The other one is very realistic which requires from the designer a bit more work and attention, but its effects can be compelling. You must remember that it’s not a competition between icons’ style. It’s not that you will have to pick a flat icons because you think your skills are not enough to design realistic icons. These styles are both good, professional, elegant and functional. It’s up to you which one you like more and which one looks better at your website.


What is the perfect icon?

  1. It’s brand designed. It’s very important to remember about cohesion between website’s elements and the company. Every icon should be kind of the company’s symbol which will be memorable to each visitor. Of course it’s not the necessity to create all of the icons in the same way. You can also connect them by details. Such treatment will make the icons will be simultaneously both unique and consistent.
  2. It defines content visually. That is the main aim of icon but unfortunately some of the designers forgot about it. Icon has to be visualization of content. What’s more it has to look good, be simple, elegant and interesting. It’s not so easy but definitely worth to do it right with clear message and single graphic.
    144 Social media and network flat icons. Vector illustration.
  3. It can be attached in the background. In the effect, whole webpage looks much more elegant and innovative. You can create vector objects and put them into the scenery of the site and design really realistic art.
  4. It increases readability. Even if you think your article is the most interesting you’ve ever created, there is a risk that nobody except your Mom will read it. Why? Because if the boring look. We live in times when all of us are overwhelmed by informations that are coming to us from many sides in excess. That is why we choose and click on material which will be interes for us and will be different. Icons can solve these problems and increase readability of the content.


Using well-designed icons definitely will improve your website’s statistics so that is why you should try to get them the best in the designing process. If you remember about few most important aspects, as matching your brand to the icon or creating simple but functional incon, you will achieve the success.