Internal linking and SEO


Internal linking is still one of the most important aspects of SEO and no matter what is your field of interest it is the most decisive element of positioning and has a lot to do with the top SERPs ranking spots. Unacknowledged by websites’ authors and beloved by virtual visitors may really increase the attractiveness of your website.


First think we need to understand about internal linking is that its crucial role in creating SEO-friendly websites is only one of its connections. It is directly related to the structure and architecture of the page and, what is even more valued, the user’s perception of the website. Efficient implementation of certain links inside your content enables visitors to quicker and slicker moving through it. Speed, functionality and ease of access are incredibly marketable and actually making real reason for the users to meet; share your website again in the feature.


Correct construction of internal linking is based mainly on its simplicity. It is advisable to create links which will ‘step off’ from your main page to the main categories, and if possible to the subcategories as well. Although paying huge attention to the customers’ needs, we may not forget about web-crawlers. Think about the actual words and terms you are using, and whether it is tied to the exact category you want your website to be found by researches.


You may use adequate descriptions to link directly to the given subpage. The easiest the access to the content, the better, so make sure you pared the time needed to get to the specific information. For example by gathering the most important websites together and making it possible to comfortable return on the main page from the bottom of the page. Links guiding to the different subpages can be entwined in the published text, so it is a win-win situation for you as a content author, the subpage author and of course, the visitors.

Think about correct positioning, web-crawlers, SEO and the right of your would-be clients by implementing internal linking in easy, specific and nice-looking way.