Jetpack – integration with social networks


We know we live in world ruled by social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Gmail…These are the top social networks that focus our attention most and are extremely popular among Internet users. For website owners and bloggers has become extremely important to get together with the sharing post / text / work on the website, it also appeared on social media platforms. For this to happen, with the help comes Jetpack. How does this simple plugin work?

Share it
Jetpack has a module, thanks to whom the entries are automatically made available on the other sites. That’s why we can save not only time, but we do not need to install additional plug-ins or modify the theme files. This module is called “Sharing” and its configuration takes only a moment.

Every single social network has a button
Each of social networking sites has its own button. They are available in the “Available Services”. Those which you want to put on your website, you should to drag to “Enabled Services”. The lowest placed section “Live Preview” shows you how will look like buttons which have been chosen by you.

More buttons, more place on your website
In the previously mentioned the “Enabled Services” on the right side appears dark gray box. If you want to have a lot of buttons but you don’t want them to occupy to much space on your website, You can drag the buttons of social networking sites to this dark grey box. They will be displayed when you hover the mouse on the “more”.

Buttons’ style
With “Button style” you can choose the style of buttons. You can select the icon with the text, icons only, text-only and the original appearance of the buttons. The last option provides a consistent and aesthetic appearance of buttons, moreover, they are a little different than those for which we are accustomed.

More options that offers Jetpack 
If you would like to share some text next to a row of buttons, you can use the “Sharing label”. The option “Open links in” allows you to determine whether you want to make links open in a new window. You can also decide about place the button display. With “Show buttons on” option, buttons can be found on the main page, the pages of archives and search results page.

To sum up
Today, social media are the channels through which you can gain fame and popularity. That’s what bloggers, as well as the owners of websites want. Both groups of these users are trying to make their passion or products caught the attention of the largest audience. For this to happen, posts, texts or products must be “sharing”, which means getting more and more users. With Jetpack becomes very easy and fast!