May I change my website into responsive one?


In our times, IT is one of the most increasing sectors and what goes after this – a lot of aspects and issues concerning it are more popular and more often used. The same is with responsive web design – the technology providing website adjusted to any kind of device, on which the website is being browsed. Lots of companies and private persons establish responsive website, but what with those, who already created “only” desktop one? Can they change their websites into responsive content?


Before thinking of implementing this solution, let us first answer the question whether we should do it at all. Why should our website be responsive?

  • The popularity of your website will increase and you will notice very visible improve of the number of visitors on your content. This all happens thanks to the fact that more and more users are taking use of mobile devices and grab for untypical resolution sizes.
  • Better SEO – responsiveness makes your website more SEO-friendly and provide higher spot in the Google rankings. This means that more people will find your website (even if they did not tend to do so in the first place) and get to know the content. More visitors, more recognizability, more profits.
  • Lucidity. RWD makes your website way more readable and ease to move on it. No more mini-texts, sight tiring or keep on extending the content. You should also prepare yourself for adjusted, adequate font, customized to give device. Doesn’t it sound like a dream?

These are the most obvious advantages of responsive websites, and we strongly recommend to adapt such ones to your offer. It is all about making the best you can for your potential customers and trust us – they will definitely appreciate the responsiveness of your website.


Changing www website into responsive one takes an effort and demands different changes on different levels, but it doable. What to do:


  • HTML – we need to change few elements, most often thanks to media queries.
  • CSS – We should change the size of the resolution – up to 960px. We may also hide .hide classes.
  • Interaction – we can do that thanks to jQuery.