Membership plug – paid access to content


Sometimes when you create content and you working very hard on it, trying as much as you can to do your best, you just don’t want to let someone else to use your own creations just like that. And believe us, it’s nothing wrong that you want to earn some money because this is your work. You’ve spent a lot of time on that so it’s just okay to reward your time. Membership is a plug which definitely help you in implementation of paid access to content.

As creators of this plug say, Membership will transform your WordPress site into a fully functional membership site. What does it actually mean? If you want to create really good membership site which will meet your and your readers’ requirements, this plug will provide it to you in a very simple way.

What distinguishes this plug-in from others is, above all, support the basic version with the option pro. In a result, we can be sure that the whole plug is regularly updated and that the potential risk of problems with the plug is minimized almost to zero.

Lite Membership

Lite Membership is a free version of this plug. What’s important to notice – it’s also very useful and functional. Using this version you can create a WordPress membership site and offer forums, videos, support, downloads and even more. And what’s more important, you can do it with three different levels  of membership and customizations. It supports also three subscription levels.

Membership Pro

Memberhip Pro is not only supplement of its free version. It includes many more features as for example unlimited membership and subscription levels. What’s more, the Pro version includes feature called BuddyPress. It’s the rule which protects access to groups, pages, blogs and private messageing. In administrations area, you can control creation of blog, dashboard widgets or available plugins and more.