Mistakes committed by beginners users (and not only) of WordPress .


Very often we find a saying that “to err is human”. Sure, nothing human is alien to us, but that does not excuse us from making mistakes that we should not commit. This applies to every aspect of life, including the IT industry. More often you will find that bloggers and site owners or maintain their site without commitment, or simply do not know that they are doing a lot of things wrong. What are the most common errors committed by users of WordPress?

We can’t ignore safety guidelines

Safety is always important, no matter what aspect of our life is all about. If you do not want to meet a lot of problems during a possible virus attack like spending a lot of time on them and getting nervous, you really should stick to the recommended basic safety rules. It’s free, and it really works.

Do we really need so many plugins?

It’s not that the more plugins you’ve got, the slower it runs WordPress. The point is that it does not make sense to download plug-ins, which you do not use. Try to use only those extensions that are really necessary. You should also remember that some plugins functionality overlap, so there is no need to install new ones.

We need to use links that are friendly

The advantage of unfriendly links is their length – are very short. There’s much more disadvantages, so try to take advantage of the friendly that you can set in the Settings -> Direct links. Then address usually contains the title of the page and it’s definitely a better option.

Analyses are there to take advantage of them

If you run a blog or web page, the number of people who read your entries should concern you. A useful tool for this and very simple to install is the Google Analytics.. So if you do not know who and where is reading your latest post, you’re making a serious error and it’s time to fix it. And then, if you want to monetise on your blog, save statistics which will definitely help you with this in near future.

You can’t ignore mobile users

Today, smartphones, tablets, and other devices are mini power that can not be ignored. So, if you are running a blog and you didn’t adapt your website’s format to smaller screens, you’re making a very big mistake. With plug WPtouch you’ll make specially dedicated mobile version of the site, so you will definitely notice a sudden increase in your statistics. (Because you already have a Google Analytics;))

These errors are among the most common, which can be observed among users of WordPress. It is very easy to fix them, and even easier to just avoid them. If you notice that you are among committing errors, use the above advice and quickly fix them, but if you start the adventure with WordPress, let some of these points will be for you a warning!

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