One page but lots of advantages

OnePage LOVE

New and interesting trend in web design – Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you ‘OnePage website’!

Webpage without… pages

It’s time to reorganize thinking about websites. Like always – simple solution changed into real success. OnePage websites is getting more and more popular. And for sure it’s a nice tendency. Just look into a few examples:

Nice for eyes and really creative. And intuitive – but without traditional menu. OnePage is navigated by scrolling. All content is available on one single page. All you need to do is scrolling (vertically or horizontally, as you want) and get enjoy of visual aspects! Web designers have endless way to express their creativity and they used that fact often (as I showed through exemples above).

For who

OnePage website can be treated as a great equivalent of leaflet, single product’s advertisement, artistic portfolio or business card. But honestly – with a little creativity it can be a nice solution in every case. Pageless technique changes ‘normal’ website into animation. User just scrolling and getting visual impression like during watching some extra presentation.

OnePage looks great on all devices. It’s comfortable for tablets’ and mobile phones’ users. Of course, on one condition – it must be well designed. Well means appropriate localized and satisfying content. Sounds like every websites’ demanding, but in case of OnePage is highly important to have a good presentation ‘strategy’ and interesting concept. If you don’t have clear idea or you think you need to have a big space to show your content, focus on the traditional, MultiPage website.