Online Shop based on WordPress? Yes!


Until recently opening online store based on WordPress has been associated with a disbelief in the possibility of CMS. There were a lot of voices about disadvantages as poorly design or misaligned with the needs of the customer. Time has shown that all such doubts dispelled WooCommerce plugin, which allows you to create online shop in WordPress which will not only look good but also will be functionally and useful. How does it work?

WooCommerce features

WooCommerce is a simple-to-use plug, so users can create their own online store. Those who download the plugin becomes a kind of “masters of their fate”, because the functionality offered by WooCommerce isn’t limited just to select colors and general party, but also to many other aspects. First of all, user can freely select and change the ability to supply products. Shop can be customized in the appearance of individual page elements like basket or your account after logging. So thanks to this, your whole site will be completely compact.

Each user can freely select the corresponding system of payment for the goods and then, integrate with external systems store payment. If we’re talking about payment, it’s worth mentioning that the user has complete freedom in the settings relating to the provision of discount codes.


How to install it?

Updating WooCommerce WordPress is simple, but it is worth remembering a few important things. But let’s start the installation. If you’ve ever had to deal with WP, download the plug-in is no different from taking other plug-ins. By admin panel add a new plug-in, enter its name, and then install it on the server. It’s worth remembering that you have to choose template you like the most, so thanks to this, everything will run. Templates can be downloaded from the creators of this plug-in, and among them you can find them also for free. However, if you want to look further, the internet is a area where you can find a lot of templates for free.

Plug configuration

After installation, you must configure the plug. In the sidebar you will find the WordPress settings, so that adjust the location of the store, store information, products and taxes, as well as choose the countries to which you want to send the products. The panel can also refine the settings associated with shipping, refund or e-mails sent from the store.


Adding products and start Store

Adding a product to the store is as easy as the previous steps. In WooCommerce menu simply select a category “Products” and then add product descriptions, photos, pricing and shipping method.

If all of the products have already been added and tested, there is nothing else as the launch of the store. But what should we check? First of all, we must “shopping” and then check the change of status of products, as well as e-mail messages they receive customer. Must remember to check the so-called. “Typos” and “goblins” who stormed the descriptions. Make sure that the store has its own rules privacy policy. If so, there is nothing else to run the shop!

Why WooCommerce?

Why choose this plugin? Because of its functionality which simplifies and streamlines running the store. WooCommerce has a lot of built forms of payment that you can customize to your liking. Moreover, the selection of professional templates is really big and interesting, and rich number of extensions, both free and paid, guarantees professional looking website. It is also worth noting that the WooCommerce is a plugin for SEO friendly, with easy and quick setup direct links to parties to shop.