Page speed and SEO


Despite not being the most decisive factor of website’s SEO, page speed does actually play a huge role in positioning. Learned by today’s quick access to any information, potential visitors will feel nothing but frustration while waiting for website to load. Probably, they will leave it before actually getting to know information concerned on your webpage.
Except for conversion factor, page speed also does matter for the web-crawlers – the more efficient the website is, the better and faster indexing can be made. Which of course means better positioning and higher SERPs ranking spot.

We may check our website’s time loading by e.g. Page Speed Insights. Just type down your website address and see the result.


It is really good to know the general size of our database. We should check whether our WP does not amass huge amount of tables, teeming spam comments, previous versions of articles and so on. Thanks to WP-optimize plug-in we can make all that and be glad of smaller database.


Always use adequate formats: ‘.jpg’ for inside-post pictures and ‘.png’ for any other related to the website.
Reducing pics’ size is also advisable! Imsanity plug-in will automatically do it for you during uploading the image, however you may also take usage of different plug-ins, which do not lessen the resolution, but will downscale the picture. Thanks to above mentioned plug-ins you may also downscale already uploaded images.


The browser is able to remember statistical files to its cache. Such process makes it possible to load the website from your hard disc instead of using World Wide Web server and at once do not encumber it. If you use WP you may implement that solution very easy – through installation of particular plug-ins. ‘Quick Cache’ for smaller websites and ‘W3 Total Cache’ for bigger ones.


These are some of the activities, which should be done when we think about speeding up our page. Keep in mind the fact, that despite actual influence on website’s speed and better SEO, above described methods will also keep your website in good shape and attract more visitors.