Responsive Web Design Framework – Fundation

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Another day, another Responsive Web Design Framework. Today, we’re going to handle with Fundation – one of the most advanced responsive front- end framework in the world (as its creators say). 

What are features of Foundation? Well, one of the most important is, that it’s very fast for user. What’s more, thanks to Interchange, users can create beautiful and optimized sites by letting load entire sections based on client device type.

Coding in Foundation is really simple and fast, thanks to grids from small to large but the medium grid is problably what you’ve been looking for. There have been  lot of requests about this size because of the ease of use and a lot less custom code to write to make use of intermediate sizes.

Faster coding is one of the most important features in this framework. Foundation built a new command line to spin up projects. The whole tool is semantic and customizable so there are really high facilities. Millions of designers and developers trusted Foundation and the are quite happy with this co-working so maybe you’ll be next one?