Responsive Web Design Frameworks- all you must know about it.


What are exactly responsive web design frameworks and what they are used for? And what’s the most important – why do you need it?

What is framewrok? It’s kind of package which contains files and folders of standardized code. Thanks to these elements, framework there is much more easier to deal with these types of problems. It can be also used to support the development of websites. Framework was created with tha main aim to help developers. In practice, it’s all about providing the common structure so the developers don’t have to create the code from the beginning but the can use the one which is provided.

There are two types of framework: backend and frontend. Frontend framework is a set of structure of files and folders of standardized code (HTML, CSS, JS documents etc.) This kind of framework contains for example template structures, session management or a file with libraries to access databases.

The next distinction is division to simple and complete frameworks. Simple frameworks offer style sheets with column system and complete frameworks are frameworks which contain styled-typography system, set of forms, images frames, HTML templates and even more but about that we’ll inform you in our next articles. Stay tuned!