Responsive Web Design Frameworks – Bootstrap


What is Bootstrap and how to use? And do you actually need it? Well, the answer is yes, of course! But you definitely need some more informations about so, let us introduce you to one of the best frameworks, Bootstrap! 

Bootstrap, as you may or may not consider, is a CSS and Javascript framework which has the main aim – help everybody who are connected with codes and have or maybe some day  will have issues with coding.  Bootstrap is a ready-to-use set of solutions which definitely help you in designig of website.

Bootstrap shares with users such elements like lists, sliders, menu but also it helps with preparing of menu or elements of lists and forms.

How Bootstrap works?

Well, Bootrstrap’s interface is created as a grid. Using the appropriate CSS classes we can specify how many columns contains an element in the container. Of course, elements in columns can also be grouped horizontally in rows.


Following the instructions contained in the document we can get a website which has successfully displayed not only on computer, but also on tablets or smartphones. It is a huge facilitation due to the fact that designing a responsive website in the “classic” way, we have to check its appearance on every potential device and the browser.

And that is why you should Bootstrap! It’s free and what’s more important, creators of this tool ensure us that nothing will change in this aspect.