Responsive Web Design History


Every self-respecting web user must have heard about responsive web design and probably wanted it to be implemented into his website. This website configuration technique is present among numerous owners’ of the companies, web developers and coders. In this article we will come near to the history of this appellation and try to predict a little bit about its future…


Generally, in responsive web design it is all about adjusting one website to any (mobile or not mobile) device it could be browsed on. Lots of different specialists, from graphic designers to coders tried to figure the perfect solution of one website to every potential device. First attempt of this issue happened over 5 years ago and was called “Liquid Design”. LD was very intuitive and harbored great hopes, however, did not the authors’ expectations.


  • Ethan Marcotte – web designer, author, developer and a speaker. The creator of the “responsive web design” ascertainment, which he implemented into his “A List Apart” paper in the 2010. He was the first one to notice the huge impact of increase of the mobile users on the design of the landscape of the webpage. He proposed the solution and moving forward by fluid web design – responsive web design.



Responsive web design combines three, main concepts – flexible widths, media queries and flexible images. None of them were something totally new and abstract, they were actually sort of primitive terms of RWD established in the early 2000s. However it is Marcotte, who first combined them all and talked about RWD.


What was crucial in the history of RWD was something we may compare to mobile revolution. between 1990s and 2000s smartphones started to being more and more popular to the actual boom in which we are living right now. Internet access, globalization and ease of information transport made mobile devices something as normal as a watch. More and more people are using their devices not only for fun or social issues, but also for serious, business transactions. Due to all that, Responsive web design became something naturally needed by the society, and thanks to many web developers, especially Ethan Marcotte – it became must have of website creating.


Living in the XXIst century, we may be sure of one thing – the usage of mobile devices is increasing year by year. Only in the UK 40% of online shops clients are using mobile website to order the products. This phenomenon was born very quickly, but does not seem to die proportionally. It is significant to know the advantages of RWD and real benefits coming from implementing this solution into our websites. There is no point in waiting and watching when our competition is adapting its dotcom content for different, also mobile solution. Let us remember – mobile users really appreciate taking them into account when establishing our company’s website.