SEO & Content Marketing


Today’s positioning does not exist without content marketing, which seems to be the nearest future of SEO.


As the name speaks for itself – it is all about the content. The actual meaning and values you are expanding thanks to the website, so not only text, but also pictures, graphics, images, videos. Quality of your page has significant impact on its positioning.

When speaking about content marketing, ‘unique’ seems to be the keyword. Content should be professional and original. The more authorial it is the better. At the moment, Google algorithms are prepared for searching and indexing this kind of information, which is a real revolution comparing to what was happening in positioning world a few years ago.

But what is most important is that such content is extremely attractive for the web users! Copying or replication are no longer allowed to be successful and netizens demand something much more interesting.

SEO and Content Marketing do actually share a lot and have similar tasks, which are:

  • Creation of original content, valuable for the reader
  • Movement increase on the website
  • Developing a brand
  • Increase of the conversion
  • Increase of the brand awareness


  • Write text, which engages your readers
  • Remember about keywords and web-writing rules (this will be particularly ‘appreciated’ by web crawlers)
  • Tell good stories. People will fervently follow your blog if read there authentic write ups.


Assumedly, SEO and Content Marketing have not much in common, that is why it is crucial to realize the perfect opportunity which is usage of CM for our positioning, because in fact, SEO and CM seem to have nothing but similarities. The basic is to create own, original, valuable article, which is worth your weight in gold. To make our website highly recognized for web-crawlers, linking strategy is very important. It includes frequent concern of internal and external links onto your webpage (concerning e.g. social media, competition’s comments, message board, dofollow links etc.). The author, who wants to obtain articles optimal for SEO should never miss putting keywords in his HTML tags:

  • Title
  • Meta Description (short description)
  • H1-H6 (headlines)

Implementing Content Marketing campaign into your website will markedly improve your positioning and boost yours and your recipients’ satisfaction.