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WordPress SEO

The shape of your WordPress URL adresses are important in many aspects. As the WordPress blogger you must realize that the shape of links influences on your chance of being higher in the search engines’ results. Besides, ‘nice looked’ permalinks let the better organization and are just more useful for your audience than default and unclear strings of words.

Which links are friendly, which we should avoid

Default WordPress URL structure looks quite… robotic and for average users it will be completely unclear and useless. This is a typical shape of default permalink:

What does ‘?p=25’ means? Nothing, indeed. It’s just an automatically generated number. So, it’s nothing worthy to stick to. On the contrary – it’s the best time to change it to have a nice and providing semantic content URL adress, just like ours:

Nice, isn’t it? Readable and understandable. And, as you will see below, really easy to set!

How to change unfriendly into friendly

Just open the Permalink Option Page. You need to see this:


Permalink Option Page


Click on ‘Custom Structure’ and set the shape which you want to have using this pattern:


If you follow this instruction, you will get the URL with the main name of your page, category of post and then the name of post. Nice. But your address can be more simple than it. For exemple – just postname:


 This is the rest of the possible URL structure combinations:









If you want to get more detailed information go to WordPress Codex.


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