SEO & WooCommerce


Besides being one of the most popular CMS system frequently used by thousands of bloggers. WordPress is also a great base for creation of the web shop. WooCommerce is a WP plug-in made for this specific activity and enables to form beautiful, functional and SEO-friendly web store.

The advantages of WooCommerce

Why choose WP as a basis of your e-commerce? It actually does have a lot of merits. First of all, managing such web store is very easy; everything is held on the WordPress cockpit. Of course you may connect your blog and your web store.

In addition, you may expand your e-store by implementing Framework SEO Thesis and other plugins obtaining optimal options in the SEO matter. There is a plenty of ready plugins and extensions. That makes an ease access to information, quick configuration and what is crucial – totally compatible with Google guidelines, which of course means better positioning in the browsers.

SEO and WooCommerce

Good positioning is a key when it comes to the e-commerce. Finally, who is going to find your store if it is not going to be visible on the first page of the Google? We already mentioned lots of issues connected with SEO in general, factors of good positioning, marketing and plenty of others which positively affect your webpage and products’ sale. WooCommerce makes it possible for us to create descriptive name products (use keywords!) , titles, menu.


We cannot ignore the knowledge and general facts showing the real popularity of the given plug-in – and the popularity is huge. When WooThemes celebrated 2 millions of downloads of WooCommerce there was no doubt it is way ahead of its competitors. It is said that around 10% of all e-commerce windows are using WooCommerce! What is more, the sectors where the platforms are being operated are various: from online businesses, consumer electronic or education to clothing, furniture and food.


If you think about creating your own web store and are not sure about the choice of the platform – WooCommerce may be the best alternative. It is extremely easy, almost pleasant way of conducting your business, has a wide variety of prepared plugins and extensions, which are more than helpful. It does have one fault, though – lots of its extensions are not free.