Simple Ad Manager- useful plugin for advertising

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It has few problems but thanks to the newest update , everything works good and it seems to be perfect prepared. We’re talking about WordPress’ plugin – Simple Ad Manager which provides flexible logic of displaying advertisements.

As we said before, Simple Ad Manager provides you a flexible logic rotation of advertisements which are based in group called Ads Place. What’s more, there is a custom default ad for each Ads Place. The feature which definitely make your whole advertising process is Ads Zone selector thanks to which you have got more flexibility of displaying ads.

Customizable limitations

Simple Ad Manager has plenty of customizable features. For example, it provides you limitations of displaying advertisements by types of page, by post ID, on single post page or category archive page by category or authors. What’s more, in customizable limitations are also included displaying advertisements on single post page or tag archive page by tag and displaying advertisements on custom type single post page or custom type archive page by Custom Type.

Customizable blocking

What’s interesting in this plug is that it provides to users customizable blocking of very important aspects such as displaying advertisements on single post page or category archive page by category, displaying advertisements on single post page or author archive page by author and of course displaying advertisements by tags and Custom Type.


Simple Ad Manager also provides statistics of hits and clicks and it counts revenue from ads placement. It’s very important not because to fill your curiosity but for making plans for future. Yours and your’s blog future. Available languages are English, Russian, German, Belarusian and Spanish.