So you want to be a WordPress developer, right?

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We would think that being a developer brings the same benefits. In fact, of course it is, but before you get to this stage, you have to go through a lot of complications, a lot of work and obstacles that might sink you completely as the developer. However, there is minimal chance that you’ll manage to overcome all adversity and hard, really hard (seriously) work you will succeed. It’s like, are you in?

Okay, we should start from the most important thing – Are you sure? Do you really want to be a WordPress developer and be kind of social God? Your motivation must be really big and strong to be with you and struggles with all the complications you’ll meet. I know that it looks like a nightmare but think about for a minute – you are finally top WP developer. You make really, really good money, the most important brands in this world are your clients and finally, you’ve got an influence to shape the future of WordPress. You have this power! That is why you NEVER should stop fighting for what you want. And that is why we are going to help you in achieve what you’ve planned already.

1. Where to start?

It’s quite difficult questions, because it all depends on what stage of knowledge about WordPress you are. If you’re totally basic, just start reading about WordPress at leas one hour per day. How it works, what are the news etc. etc. Little advice – log out from facebook. It helps. Trust me. Keep reading and stop doing this. Remember about last thing- you will never know everything, because there is always something new, there is always updates and new versions of installation.

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2. Establish appriopriate contacts

It’s not a secret that having contact with right crowd can be helpful in career. If you want to be on top, you have to hang out with people who already are on top. You can ask “How can I do it?” Well, we’re not discovering somethin new – all of them have their own blogs, Twitter accounts, they are lecturers on conferences. Follow them ( don’t confuse it with stalking) and just get some lessons from them.

3. Understand what you read

It’s extremely hard, especially for beginners to understand all the WordPress technology. If you’re a programmer it’s not something new but if not.. Well, here are some ways to begin. First of all, learn PHP and MySQL. Second of all, read all documentation about WordPress codebase on Trac and on Xref. Of course, don’t forget about join to discussions on

4. Work with clients

That’s one of the most important way to gain experience. And believe us, if you’re a totally beginner, you can work for free. With the development of yourself and your capabilities, you will earn more and better. You know what they say, we all have to start somewhere.

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5. Join the WordPress Community

Being an member of this community is not only important because it’s kind of honor but also because of the fact that even if you’re the greatest WordPress developer in the whole world and you’re not in WordPress community, you don’t exist. In other words: YOU ARE NOT A DEVELOPER.

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6. Write tutorials

We know that sounds weird, because in one hand you should watch tutorials to learn as much as you can and in the other hand you should create tutorials? Well, yes! There are always situations when even experienced WP developers might have problems with. But who said that you, greenhorn (sorry for that) can’t solve the task? That’s right! If you figure something out which was a huge problem for everybody else, you just have to make a tutorial! Trust us, everybody will be thankful and your star will be brighter in just one moment. Improving (not so) perfect world of WordPress might be your pass to become a top WP developer.


Above advices we presented to you are just a drop of water in the sea. There are a lot of activities you should do like for example, participating in forums, contributing to the codex and a patch or developing a public theme. It it a lot of work but you know what, if you’re sure about what you want to do, it won’t be a problem for you. Because the most important in our lives is do what we love. And if you love WordPress, you admire WP developers and you want be one of them, thanks to your hard word work, maybe you’re going to be him someday. Anyway, goodluck!