Sucuri Security – one more protection plugin


This plugin specializes in WordPress Security so using it, you can be sure about high protection against burglary to your WordPress installation. But what else can offer us Sucuri Security?

Shall we start with feature  that distinguishes this plug-in to other? Well, Sucuri in fact is monitoring all security events related events within your WordPress install. Thanks to this option you, as an administrator have full insight on the various changes that can come. In simple words – you have full control about what is exactly happening at your website.


Thanks to integrating option, you’ll forget about problems associated with the differences between the current state and the known good . That’s why Sucuri creates a known good from the first minute of installation and it will include  plugins, themes and core files.

Effective Security Hardening

Effectivenes of Sucuri in this case is very high, because it cleans 100’s of websites a day and add in this section that they feel to be most effective and complement to the entire Sucuri products.


What in case of attack?

There is ALWAYS a possible for hackers to overcome obstacles no matter how you or your plugins try to prevent it. Luckily, in case of attack, Sucudi’s authors thought about preparing a section to help an administrator walk through the three key things.

What’s more?

Sucuri Security will always inform you about issues and thanks to expanding the various security related events, it provides to an administrator flexibility about exactly what he wants to know about. Millions people from all over the world have installed this plug because of its compromise between intelligence and functionality so maybe it’s the best time for your turn?