How to protect an admin’s area in WordPress?


It’s very important to give an access to the admin’s areo only for right people and restrict it from unwanted guests. How to do it and why you should decide for doing it?Read more

How to react when you’ve been hacked?

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The sooner you know that you have been the victim of a hacker attack, the sooner you will be able to take various measures and minimize the damage. What to do when we find out about the hack crime?Read more

Double protection in WordPress – how to do it?


We all know that hackers don’t sleep and try to steal our contents for fun or for some other reasons. But luckily for us, we can stop them thanks to double protection in WordPress. What does it exactly mean and how to do it?
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Follow these simple tips to save your WordPress!


You probably have no idea how many times hackers have tried to hack your WordPress’ content. If you didn’t have the awkward situation with some “funny” hackers, good for you. But you need to know that the danger of hacking is extremely high. To protect your content you definitely should follow tips recommended by us to protect your property.Read more

How to protect WordPress from intrusion


Lots of WordPress users still don’t pay enough attention to the security. A big and famous webstites’ owner often are so focused on content that they forget about an appropriate blog’s protection. Predicting a future is a hard skill, but in this case we can say without any doubts that some day they can be very suprised, unfortunatelly in an upset way. Problems with hackers range also a smaller blogs – for the special boot your popularity isn’t such important, it just want to use your website to some special (often unpleasant for you) aims. So, no matter if your blog is a very popular or not, you should be aware of consequences connected with the irresponsible attitude to the WordPress security.

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How to secure your WordPress against burglary?


The Internet, as we know, is a treasure trove of knowledge, information and trivia. It is a very good tool, which allows us to keep abreast o issues of interesting us. The Internet has also created new jobs. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages of that fantastic invention. We live in times when very often encounter the vigorous activity of hackers, who are still trying to invade our websites or blogs. To prevent unpleasant incident of burglary for WordPress, with the help to us comes plug Wordfence. How does it work?

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What is and how to use RSS Feed?


RSS is the Very Simple Distribution. What distribution we are talking about? Today, we live in an age where victories are enjoying enormous newer blogs, which number is still growing. As the effect of this process also grows number of the sources of information that are extremely scattered all over the Internet. To avoid unnecessary wasting time by surfing the sites, just use the so-called. Web Feed, which itself informs and provides the user with information. How does it work?
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Sucuri Security – one more protection plugin


This plugin specializes in WordPress Security so using it, you can be sure about high protection against burglary to your WordPress installation. But what else can offer us Sucuri Security?Read more

Acunetix WP Security


Acunetix is one of these plugs which are not only functional but also very easy to use and understand. The main aim is of course secure WordPress installation but also suggestions about corrective measures for many aspects. So, how does work Acunetix?Read more

All in One Security – How to protect our WordPress webpage?


Another plugin which protects websites based on WordPress is All in One. Why is it so good and you should read further about it? Well, let us introduce you one of the most extensive plug which can take your website security to a whole new level.Read more

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