How to move the traffic into the website?

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It’s extremely important to be aware of the fact that, that traffic on your social media channels are not always gradually moving traffic on the website. But there are several activities by which you can move the traffic to the website.
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The best plugins with buttons for social networking!

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We live in Social Media times, that’s a fact. That’s why our promoting strategy should focus precisely on this aspect. But how can we increase our activities among social media and why is it important?
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WP and Social Media- LinkedIn auto post plugins!

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LinkedIn has become one of the most important tool to present our profiles and show who actually we are. A lot of people’ve trusted LinkedIn and that is why it’s extremely important to share your content from the blog automatically. We present you three really good plugins for autopost your posts from the blog to LinkedIn.
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WP and Social Media – Google+ autopost plugins

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Google+ is very important tool in Social Media world and there is a must to post your articles from the blog in this place. Why is it so important and which plug you should use?
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WP and Social Media – Facebook autopost plugin

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If you have a blog, you must be present in social media, that’s a fact. For example, Facebook is a powerfull tool which can bring a really high profits. And what’s more important you don’t need spend twice more time on posting your articles again and again. All you need is just plugin with auto-post function. Which one is the best?
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Sitemap.xml – what it is and why it is so important for our website?

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The entire contents of the blog, so entries, pages and sub-pages are accessible to readers of the blog. No problem, each of us can also use (and often does) with the option to read the archive of entries, where in chronological order all the entries are located and where very easily, often one-click access to the interesting post. It is important also to a list of all your posts, pages and blog pages inform search engines about the frequency of updates performed, as well as provide information about links on pages and blog posts. This is just an XML Sitemap.
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Twitter autopost plugin. How to?


You don’t have time but your Tweets must be posts no matter what you do? You don’t have idea how to fix it? Don’t worry, we’ll help you. Look at this short tutorial about how to tweet your posts automatically!
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WordPress and Social Media- HOW TO – JetPack


When you running a blog and you want to get popularity, you need to be active in Social Media. There is a lot of channels like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and of course one and only Facebook. If you think that it means a lot of work for you, you’re wrong. Why? WordPress’ team created one simple plugin which solves all the problems ins Social Media area and we’re talking about JetPack. How to use JetPack in Social Media? Let’s see…
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WordPress and Social Media – why and how?

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We live in Social Media times, that’s a fact. That’s why our promoting strategy should focus precisely on this aspect. But how can we increase our activities among social media and why is it important?
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What is Jetpack and who created it?


We know we live in world ruled by social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Gmail…These are the top social networks that  focus our attention most and are extremely popular among Internet users. For website owners and bloggers has become extremely important to get together with the sharing post / text / work on the website, it also appeared on social media platforms. For this to happen, with the help comes Jetpack. What is and who created JetPack?
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