Template for WordPress – paid or free?


WordPress offers a lot of features for its users. One of these are templates. Especially for novice users of this CMS, select such a template that will be appropriate, may be a problem. If you come to this decision regarding the choice of free or paid template, something that at first seems to be obvious is much more complicated. What is the difference between paid and free website templates and what will be best for us?

On the one hand, users have a possibility to choose from a lot of free plugins and templates, which are extremely popular among them, but on the other hand, we know that many of people decide to purchase the template which is often much more expensive. What to choose?

Advantages of free and paid templates

Let’s start with the positive aspects of both template free and paid. Free templates are definitely available to all, without exception. Anyone can afford it, what’s more their choice is large enough that for some this may be a big surprise. In addition, the available templates are really good quality. Don’t think wrong- it doesn’t mean  that they are the result of many mistakes and errors because they are free of charge.


You know that in the era of globalization and the mainstream, each of us looks and lives in almost the same way. Originality and uniqueness are therefore almost luxurious features and desired by a growing number of people. It is provided by paid templates. Thanks to them, you will have almost 100 percent sure that your template will not be repeated on every other website or blog. Functionality, optimization and detail are qualities that perfectly describe paid templates. What else? Templates perfectly fit to every WordPress changes so you are constantly updated.

Disadvantages of free and paid templates

Those of you who have used or are using the free templates, you probably know some detail of their disadvantages. First of all, we are talking about their functions which are overloading for the server and the more frequent situations in which there is a “conflict” with the plug due to the lack of updates. And although previously exchanged quality free templates as an advantage, I should also mention that there are those templates which unfortunately are not impressive.

If you want to talk about the cons of paid templates, we should start from the financial aspect which can range about a few hundred dollars, which definitely deters most potential users. Is there anything else? In fact, we can only talk about this one defect that it really does not have to be.


What to choose?

If you hesitate over the choice of template, above all you should determine your needs, which are nevertheless important. For example, begginner blogger has a completely different look at the world than experienced user. If you are just beginning with your adventure with WordPress, you should start it from using what this CMS offers us without charge. You’ll become more familiar with the functionality and will know how the whole system works, as well as getting more experience. Then you’ll probably be on a  good way to make a decision about buying some new, original and unique templates.