The alternative system comments, or Disqus and Facebook comments on the offensive!


Comments are inevitable and even desirable part of the blog. The more, the better. It would be nice if all of them praised our business and blog, but unfortunately the reality very much verifies our expectations. Embedded commenting systems are not often satisfactory for bloggers  in many respects. Therefore, there is a new, alternative commenting systems like Disqus and Facebook comments, which are to meet the expectations of bloggers and fulfill their roles as well.

What is Disqus?

Disqus is very developed system of comments  . It has many advantages, but unfortunately also defects. What they are? Well, by definition, this program was created with thought to make the dialogue and discussion much easier than before. The great advantage of that system is primarily a limitation of the blogger’s spam box, so no need to subscribe to all comments. Moreover, the author has a chance to vote on comments – when taking into account the views of readers may recognize some of the comments are precious, and the other not.

Disqus’ Cons

And although Disqus is not a bad idea for an alternative commenting system, it has some drawbacks. It mainly introduces a change to the commenters, as expected of them by commenting after registration. This is not required, but it very often discourages readers just after they see that they are required to provide personal information. Moreover, Disqus unfortunately does not offer a very useful option, which is the structure of dialogue in imported comments.

Comments from Facebook

This system was introduced almost four years ago as an alternative to the existing among Disqus. It seemed that it is ideal for all bloggers. Why? Obligation to sign up your name by commenters, which greatly diminishes the number of “haters”. Moreover, the system provides default “walking” comments on the Facebook board, which makes that popularity of website or blog dramatically increases. People who use  Facebook comments system, have it easier, they do not need to assume an additional account, login and password as in the case disquise, as they have already have an account on Mark Zuckerberg’s site.

Does Facebook have any disadvantages?

Unfortunately, all is not gold that glitters, so also Facebook comments have the  scratch on its flawless glass. Let us ignore the fact that not everyone has Facebook. Let’s add the fact that often those who have it, are locked in corporations, so they will not be able to give a comment. Moreover, if the blogger chooses to go to another system, he will not be able to “draw” the existing comments so far. In other words, if you, dear blogger want to opt out of the comments option offered by Facebook, you will lose forever the ones that you have so far received.

Are there any alternatives?

In addition to the two above-mentioned, there are also other alternative systems commenting, such as: Intense Debate, bought by the creators of WordPress, Solid Opinion, Talkatv or Livefyre. If you haven’t got a chance to try any of the above commenting systems and you want to change, choose one, and certainly you will find suitable for you!