The best plugins for WordPress forms


Every blogger should make sure that there is the contact form on his blog, which is one of the basic and necessary facilities. There are of course WordPress plugins that special task should be to prevent spam, simple configuration, easy to add form and its use, as well as matching the appearance of the page. Plugins that provide us with such action is really a lot, so you should decide on the best one. Which are the best?

Contact Form 7 + CAPTCHA

Contact Form 7 is a very popular plugin that may be a power, if users will be able to exploit its advantages, which is a lot, because with this CF7 we can create really complex forms, which are not limited only to contact the owner of the page.

The disadvantage of this plugin is only a need to build forms using HTML, but shortly after the installation, users can use the sample contact form and adjust it to their needs, and with the passage of time to deepen your skills and easily use the HTML code.


The Contact Form 7 also comes with a number of plug-ins that are extras. A very important feature is  CAPTCHA, thanks to it, we are able to add to our own form an alternative to the built-in security code field.

Ninja Forms

This free plug builds forms using “drag” and “drop” options. Ninja Forms also offers options such as “Questions and Answers”, so in a very easy way we can avoid spam. Both forms and fields can be imported and exported, also saved, so that they can be used in a different form.


Fast Secure Contact Form

This plugin automatically blocks known spammers who are already well-known in the Internet world. Available forms are quite simple, but using the settings you can change and modify every part of the form. Fast Secure Contact Form also providing error messages, as well as e-mail confirmation.


Jetpack Contact Form

It is a very versatile plug, containing over 30 different modules. In addition to being ideally suited for integrating social media blog, it is also a good idea to create contact forms. In this form is the name, the default e-mail, website and field for comments. So if you have already installed Jetpack, you can use this plugin and create a basic contact form.


All of these plugins are free and really well suited to the task. Build contact forms and in some cases makes an opportunity to edit them. If you do not have on your blog contact form, don’t wait any longer, use some of these plugins and matters to Your site has become more professional!