The future of blogging

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Maybe, for modern generations, it’s obvious, but if we consider and look closer to the fact how diametrically word ‘publishing’ changed its meaning, we can come to the conclusion that we live in a great but also extremely hard time for people who want to get the success in that area. Easy and common access to the blogging platform generated problems with… overabundance. We as an audience can feel quite overwhelmed. We as a blogger are getting more and more difficult tasks. Where everything is going? How the future of blogging will present us?

Hard questions

Giving satisfying answers aren’t simple. It’s like a game, which main rule is predicting the future. The shape of the internet is still and fast changing. New social media channel and new technical possibilities provides us a new way to communication, to express. Everyone can become a blogger, so in some way we can say that everybody has a chance to be a writer, artist, critic or commentator, because blogging is just public journaling. Your post (= your thoughts) can be spread far and wide – shared, discussed, criticized or praise, quoted or plagiarized. Regardless of fact that someone has a real talent or not, doors are open. Click, click and voila – we have a new blog! Simply.

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Simply, in fact? Nothing more deceptive. Obviously, create a blog is simply but just having one isn’t a success guarantee. Rules are the same like with printed publishing. If content isn’t attractive, blog won’t have audience. That’s simply, indeed.

In search of the key

It’s hard to tell something more precisely about the future, but many aspects of creating a blog are constant. Many famous bloggers said more than once that the most important thing is to remember to be unique. Without any doubts the originality and creativity is the key. It’s hard to ‘be different’ if you have a big competition. But try to avoid writing about something even because other bloggers are doing that. Believe, it’s necessary to put some subjects just because it is hot isn’t good in every case. Especially when you feel that you aren’t so fluent and you can’t propose your readers something valuable. You must be convinced that your work is worthy and compatible with your willing.

Blogging is about being unique

When blog is getting a success? Obviously, when has a big audience, when many people read post and can’t wait to the next. When it happens? That’s obvious, too – when blog is creative and unique, when invite to the interesting discussion. Bombarding with posts without unique text will put your blog in category ‘nothing special’. Attract by something creative – that’s the advice that for sure will be actual now and even in 2050.

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Blogging is hard, because writing is hard

Finding an appropriate writing way – that’s the mission! Informations’ quality – that’s first thing. Second but in the truth equally relevant is language’s shape. It’s important to write conversationally, avoiding jargon and with passion. Passion means unique and encouraging to discuss. It’s academically proven that people tent to like stories – hearing and reading. So, go on! Give them stories. Don’t treat your post like a press release or a sales brochure. Put your heart and fascination. Remember to be open – response on question and comment. Don’t even write – be interested in what your audience wants to tell you. Give an advice, show people your affectation and respect.

The professional advices

If you are interested in what professional (and famous) bloggers advise take a look into The business of blogging. It’s an e-book edited by Stephen Waddington, which contains short essays from Richard Bailey, Heather Baker, Stuart Bruce, Judy Gombita, Andrew Grill, Neville Hobson, Chris Lake, Rachel Miller, Mat Morrison, Lee Odden, Dan Slee, Stephen Waddington, Heather Yaxley, and Philip Young – worthy to read, really.

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