The most common mistakes made when establishing website with the responsive web design.


Responsive web design slowly becomes a standard and both companies and private persons decide to choose this solution and implement responsive website into their offer. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of really not pleasing the eye mistakes, making it much harder to use the website in practice. In this article we will tell you what are the worst things that may be done with responsive web design and how to avoid them.


When establishing RWD website, it is crucial to remember the main purpose of this technology – it has to be adjusted to the mobile devices. Desktop users will not care about additional 1 or 2 mb of the weight of our content, but for the mobile users it is a significant difference. They use very weak connections like 2G or 3G, and page loading speed is one of the most important factors influenting the number of your clients. Keep that in mind and focus on obtaining webpage which is being loaded in less than 5 seconds.


Visible, responsive and easy-to-click-on-menu are the most recognizable aspects of RWD and undoubtedly – it is desired by the demanding users. However, some of the web developers still have problems with transforming horizontal menu into vertically enrolling lists. It is really worth to pay attention to this matter and not miss it when creating our responsive website. Lots of mobile users will definitely appreciate this solution and recommend your website.


Very common mistake is to create a domain, which hide the content before the user in order to minimize the size of the final content. Too bad it does not actually lead to decrease of the size of our website, so we have two losses – we did not achieve our aim plus we additionally cut off the most precious we have – our content.


In this case, we may sometimes use dynamic content download – mechanism used by many e-shops, which lead to quicker downloading the content by their customers.


If you suffer from this problem – do not worry. According to Google, more than 90% of all websites uses different tools to minimize the size of the domain.


Very simple and very common mistake. When you create the website, please remember that the size of the icons should be customized to the size of average web user, to expedite the moving through the website.

These all are most common and still made mistakes. They are very significant, but at once very easy to eliminate. Keep them in mind to never make them again and hold your website on the highest level of responsiveness.