The most common mistakes utilities in creating web pages

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Usability is not only very popular word in last time. It is also a feature that should have every web page. Why?Because thanks to this, everyone is able to understand it. You can, however, get the impression that many web designers still haven’t heard about the magical “Usability” and some of their works are useless. What are the most common errors committed when creating a Web site?

What is the secret of useful websites? Combination both business objectives and taking the needs of users. The power of the web page shows the number of people who visit it, and therefore unique users are so important. Due to the fact that they are of all ages, come from other places, they have other interests, education, and lifestyle, to achieve consensus is extremely difficult and time-consuming.

In the pursuit of conviction to himself as the greatest number of users, there is a lot of errors that slow and often bother process of creation an useful page. What useful page looks like? It’s intermingled with each technology, marketing, graphic design and interface design. So what are the most common errors which causes bad impression?


  1. Confusing names in menu

Hands up if you’ve met with a page on which particular names were so unclear that you had to “jump” from the tab on the tab, searching that what you meant? If I could, I could see now probably ‘forest of hands’. This is a very common mistake, which some people do not even realize. Admittedly, the matching names that will be suitable for different groups of people is difficult, but not impossible. A very important issue in this case is a dialogue with users that will determine how to group names.

  1. Too much messages

None of us aren’t able to process too much information, even those with the best promotions. Still, it can be observed that at a number of pages there is definitely too much messages, through which users can feel overwhelmed and ultimately leave the website. If your statistics do not impress, and you don’t know what the problem is, you might want to give up an excessive amount of messages and wait for the results.

  1. Lack of a prominent contact information

The fact that users often rely on the opinions and others’ reviews, and our online shop is praised, doesn’t mean that we can ignore the contact information or hide it somewhere on the bottom of the page. This is a very big mistake. Not everyone come to our side with command and not everyone will depend on the online reviews. Please note, however, that despite the progress of digitization and technology, a phone call is still a very important communication channel, which for some will be the basis for placing an order. So if your contact details are hidden somewhere deep on the site, change their place as soon as possible so that you do not have absolutely no problem finding them.

  1. Impractical search

I must admit that all of us like it when search tells us and suggests answers, as well as the corrects our mistakes. We’re used to find  issues that interest us in very comfortable way. And there is nothing strange in that, seeing or using the search engine, which does not comply with these standards, get nervous and makes us nervous. Impractical search or those that are located very close to the advertisements or banners are a big mistake that can significantly worsen the statistics on our website.

  1. Market of fonts

Let’s stick to say that the less is more. Some people should believe in the power of this proverb, in which lies really big strength. Minimalism is today’s power and users are getting bigger aesthetes, whom won’t be impressed even the best promotion, if it looks bad. In practice, the point is not to single out special offers by different font, color or animate it. Of course, that should be distinguished from other information, but not in flashy way. Often, it’s enough to change the font size. Believe that the consumer will surely appreciate and respect it.


As you can see, the work of a useful side can take a lot of time and require a number of amendments, but also errors that often causes a failure, are not so difficult to correct. Often these are nuances, of which we had no idea.