The most often WordPress beginners mistakes

WordPress beginners' mistakes

Everybody makes a mistakes – that’s obvious. Especially beginners! Here’s a list of the most common errors. Remember that learning from others’ mistakes is better than on their own ones!

Weak password and default username

Maybe it seems to be a truism, but for that reason it’s… worthy to write. Good password is one of the most important aspect. Hackers or teastes – yeah, that’s a serious reason, but your nerves can be even a better cause. If you don’t know how to choose good password, you can use that generator. And if you suffer from forgetting, try this website. It’s good to remember about changing username. It doesn’t make sense to stick with with the default – “admin”. It’s very important to put different thing in area ‘username’ and ‘password’. The same username and password is… very weak and predictable for hackers or special boots. Just avoid it.

Incomplete pages

You had to experience this situation – using incomplete page. Clicking on some button in you are interested and seeing phrase ‘coming soon’ or ‘to be updated’.  Irritating? Without any doubts – yes! But it’s common practice among bloggers. We want to encourage you to avoid it. Before launching your website you must be sure that everything is complete. There’s no sense to put that kind of page. Your audience can think that you don’t treat them seriously. Maybe it seems not to be a big deal, but remember that first impression and users’ feeling influence on your success.

Forgetting about changing default permalinks

Problems with clean, semantic URLs is one of the most common. And adding – one of the most simple to avoid. WordPress allows you setting ‘the appearance’ of URLs in simply way – just click on Permalink Settings. Displaying URLs as is much more memorable (and nicer) than default formula like for example

Outdated version

Every WordPress user should remember to keep any themes,  plugins and of course WordPress version up to date. Since October 2013 is simple, because of the new auto-update feature. If you are using WordPress 3.7 (or higher) new updated version will be applied automatically. All you should do is to add a special code to your wp-config.php file:

add_filter( ‘auto_update_plugin’, ‘__return_true’ );

and then, to activate:

add_filter( ‘auto_update_theme’, ‘__return_true’ );

Being updated allows you stay attractive by using new WordPress products. And it will be a sign that you treat your work seriously.

Installing unnecessary plugins

People who start using WordPress tend to install a lot of plugins – they want to try new things, they experiment. It’s important to remember that large amount of plugins can make website slower. And that’s certainly inadvisable. It doesn’t mean that you must resign from finding and installing new plugins. It means only that you should be aware and remember to deactivate plugins which you don’t use. Think about what you really need and choose the most useful and attractive.

Using the default favicon and an inappropriate theme

Choosing the best theme isn’t simply task, but it’s a crucial thing that decides the future of the website. So, you should be patient and looking for the perfect one. Try, ask for help friends or, if you have that chance, even professional. Remember about favicon – it’s a small picture, your website’s logo. Favicon is displayed on browsers’ tabs and helps indentify. If you feel that you can’t manage, use favicon generator. Don’t stay with default WordPress favicon – it’s really unprofessional.

Not having contact form

Many new bloggers forget about contact form. Putting e-mail address on separate page isn’t a good solution – it can generate large amount of SPAM (because of tricky and smart boot-index) or malicious messages. The best solution to avoid that problem is adding simple contact form through plugin like Contact Form 7 . It allows getting in touch with audience without need to be bothered by unsought informations.


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