Typography. Why is it so important?

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What exactly is typography and why is it so important in these days? Especially for you, we’ve prepared some tour guide on typography world so after this article, you’ll know everything you need! 

Well, from what point we should start? Typography is an aesthetic designing and the use of typefaces as a way of communication. Typography’s elements are fonts and classification of different types of fonts. What fonts do we have? For instance, Helvetica, Helvetica Bold/Regular/Black etc. etc. What classification do we have? Serif, Sans- Serif and Monospace. Each typeface is composed of different elements that distinguish it from other typefaces. On the website there are only two cuts sans serif and serif-ie., Serif and without serif

Website typography

There are quite few simple but very important rules which you should follow. What’s the most important is your readers’ convenience. And that is why you shouldn’t bother them by  long or short lines. Long operation disrupts the rhythm because the reader has difficulty finding the next line.

What’s next? Definitely leading. Properly spaced lines help the reader keep track of fonts and improve the overall appearance of the text. There are a lot of elements which are included in leading, for example: font, font size, thickness, length of lines of text, spacing between words.

Have you heard about rag? Not-so-well designed spacing, can dissipate the reader. But the good one has a “soft” inequality, no lines that are too long or too short.How to control it? You have to manually adjust the width of the text block.

Scale. That is the next important element of typography about you can’t forget. Scale is important because it establishes a typographic hierarchy that improves readability and creates harmony and coherence in the text.

Typography is very important because along with graphics and copywriting look and layout of the text will help to remember the message of the page or slogan.