What can we expect in the next version of WordPress?


Not so long ago we’ve mentioned about news which came out in the latest version of WordPress 4.1 and now we can start talking about the next version of this popular CMS, which will be soon, in April this year. So how do authors decide to make  even easier and more enjoyable hard life blogger thanks to the newest WordPress 4.2 ?

Friendly links

So far, after installing a new WordPress, we had to set up in friendly links, so that we could count on better positioning of our website. Withe the new version of WordPress, we will no longer have this duty, because after updating, friendly links will start automatically if the course server supports it.

Favorite topics

If you have your favorite topics, and certainly it is, a new version of WordPress will allow you to not only observe, but also management all of your favourite topics. In a very simple way we can create a catalog of our individual topics. Let’s hope that this feature will be useful, and it will not take us a lot of our precious time.


WordPress version 4.2 will also introduce amendments to the Reader. It will be much more efficient and stable. Will it happen in reality? We have to wait until April and see if it turns out to be true.

Notifications of Simperium

The authors of WordPress 4.2 also improved the Simperium activity. Since April, we will have the opportunity to use the facilities, which faster sync notifications from Simperium. So if you were not happy with the transfer of data where you wanted to, we hope that the latest version of our favorite CMS will change your mind.

Is there something else afoot?

For sure we will meet with some as yet no more than a dozen amendments, which can not be here all mention, because it really is never sure what else will be improved. Let’s hope that the updates will be primarily useful and that the use of them really improve, enhance and accelerate us to add and edit entries.