What do I need to establish my own website?


This time has approach and you have just decided that you or your company needs to use marketing kindness of worldwide internet and therefore, it is high time to establish your firm’s website. Fortunately, nowadays it is really simple and problem-free. What do we need then, to create our webpage?


The domain is simply the name of your future website, e.g. www.mywebsite.com. This is very important aspect of conducting our webpage. This is the first marketing tool used to attract customers and engage potential clients in the web. The name should be short, catchy and (in)directly connected with your field of profession. The crucial is to create a name, which is going to long-lastingly stay in the visitors’ minds and remind them about your company.

Obtaining our own domain costs variously, but it should equal around 20-30$ per year.


Hosting means space on the server, where we are about to place our website. To possess such expense we need to use one of hosting suppliers’ offer. This activity costs around 100$ per year. This is very important aspect of creating our webpage and we have to keep in mind that not every hosting company is going to provide you the same, satisfying services. The biggest matters are usually connected with failure frequency and the time of outage. Think about it carefully while choosing your hosting supplier.


So we have the name, we have the space, all that is left is to… actually create your webpage. You may do it through professional company dealing with making websites. It is crucial to do it right. The website should be correctly displayed in any browser. Thanks to outsourcing we are also gaining chance to upgrade our website in the future.

You may also create your website in one of the CMS systems, e.g. WordPress. Another easy, cheap and very satisfying solution.


And this is it! No other needs to create your own, company’s website. Great way to expense your operations, appear among web users and improve your popularity.