What is and how to use RSS Feed?


RSS is the Very Simple Distribution. What distribution we are talking about? Today, we live in an age where victories are enjoying enormous newer blogs, which number is still growing. As the effect of this process also grows number of the sources of information that are extremely scattered all over the Internet. To avoid unnecessary wasting time by surfing the sites, just use the so-called. Web Feed, which itself informs and provides the user with information. How does it work?

Content distribution

RSS Feed is a very important distribution channel for content. With today’s number of blogs, servers and portals, individually checking each of them would take us too much of our precious time and just go to waste. What to do to continue to reap the joy of surfing the web, but do it in a rational and just convenient?

All in one place

What does the RSS Feed? First of all, it aggregates the contents from multiple sources into one location. What does it mean? That means in one place you can see what your favorite sites, blogs or portals have just published. This place is called aggregator. Another name is “reader”. It’s a bit like being somewhere in the middle of the United States, and at the same time to know what is happening in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Cleveland.

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How to use it?

The idea is that the owners may decided how many content sites is to be found in the RSS feed. What kind of content we talking about? Some choose to publications headers only, while others also larger sizes or articles. If the user is interested in putting a header after he clicks, he’ll be moved to the site of the service, but if they’ll be interested in the longer form, they will be able to read it without leaving the reader.

The problem of overloading your inbox? Never again!

You certainly had to deal with a variety of newsletters that disturbed your life and unnecessarily filled your mailboxes. RSS is a much more convenient, because it does not cause all these problems, what’s more, RSS reader pulls the most important information for us only when we have the time and inclination.

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What do I need to use a RSS Feed?

If the service you’re interested in includes icon RSS Feed, half the battle is for you. The other half is a reader, which is available in the online application form and local programs. The most popular online reader is Google Reader, where we can aggregate content of interest to us, sort them into thematic tabs and have access to them, regardless of the device, from which we use. If you want to use the local programs, you can use eg. The FeedReader or CafeNews.