What is better for your website – set theme or dedicated project?


While preparing the website for meeting all of our expectations concerning the overall quality of the page, artwork seem to be crucial. As most of the people are visualizers, it is extremely important to take a good care about the graphic issues.


WordPress offers us a wide variety of choice between numerous set themes, ready to start being our new design right away. Lots of them are free, but we may also choose something less conventional, which will be a paid theme.

On the other hand, we have a number of companies dealing with the creation of customized, dedicated graphic projects. They make the whole look and functionality, especially for your type of website and other prerequisites.

In this article we will try to come near to the real truth about using both, above mentioned ways of creating our dotcom content.


What differs WordPress themes solution from paid, dedicated projects, prepared by the third party, is somehow our freedom. If we choose WP and obtain just a little bit of the PHP knowledge, we may actually decide about specific matters. For example – the feature. WP offers us a wide variety of plug-ins thanks to which, we will be able to suit our webpage as we want. Decide about the functionality. You do not need to hold down from any of your ideas, only because you are using a free hosting. WP will be suitable for having an online shop, blog, domain, company’s flagship website etc., and you may modify it in the way you wish.

What for ones will be an advantage, for others may be a minus. If you choose to use free WP, you will probably have to deal with any issues on your own. You will have to take care about your software and all updates. This means you will have to put some effort into your website and not only at the beginning, but generally.


WordPress is the most popular CMS and yes, it is free. However, if you want to use the domain for the commercial use, you will be able to do so only while using paid domain, which automatically makes WP not that free. What is more, a lot of very interesting and nice-looing themes or useful plug-ins are also being paid.

However, we have to take into account that fact, that above mentioned costs are just a drop in the ocean. Companies taking care of creating customized projects, are very expensive (which does not mean you cannot afford them, it is just important to be aware of the possibility of minimizing the costs). For example, you may buy some theme from WP “theme bank”, for a price 20-times less expensive than using ready solution prepared for any company.

Using free WP is not that free after all, but still seem to be good and satisfying solution for anyone, who cares about cutbacks. If you care about the freedom of your actions and possibility of changes whenever you want – WordPress theme should be your choice.