What is better – responsive web design or mobile website?


While thinking about creation of your own website you may come across this specific problem – what kind of website should I establish? Will mobile webpage be more effective than the one created within responsive web design? In this article, we will try to come near to the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions and help you find the most suitable one for your needs.


The first main characteristic of mobile websites is that it is created only with the mobile devices in mind. The webpage is totally different than the desktop version of it, adjusted mostly for smartphones, e-books or tablets.

Let us first introduce few advantages of this solution. One of them is definitely the time of website loading, which is really short (shorter than the RWD). You may create a navigation adapted to mobile users or conform the content to the given device. If you are one, who orders establishing such website the important should be for you that you may count for a quite quick realization of the project. WordPress possess a lot of set themes for the mobile website which makes establishing and managing it much easier.

Despite those positive aspects mobile website has few faults as well. For example, the website has to have two addresses and needs another subdomain. This means a lot of work. Content updates have to be done in two different CMS pannels, as mobile versions based on CMS is still a rare thing. You also need to make separated code for following Google Analytics if you care about measuring advert campaign.


This solution gets more and more popular as more companies and individuals aim into reaching the biggest possible amount of visitors on their websites. RWD adjust the website to any device that it could be browsed. Doesn’t matter if you check it on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet it will always look good, be easy in use and fully adjusted to the size of the screen.

The main purpose of RWD is not its only plus. One CMS pannel for managing the whole website is a huge facilitation, as well as one url address regardless of type of the device. What was a vice of mobile websites is an advantage of the responsive solution. We mean Google Analytics and one following code for it when we decide to use RWD. Statistics consider only one domain so it is much much easier to interpret them.

Responsive web design does have some disadvantages, though. First of all it is time. And time is money. Unfortunately, establishing the website with the use of this solution takes more time and more money than previous method. It is also difficult sometimes to integrate all the users. Same navigation takes more effort from developers during establishing it.


After getting to know characteristics of both website kinds, you may easily choose what suits you more. Think about the future. If you do not plan to rebuild or expand your website and mobile users are your target, the number one option will probably be better and more profitable for you. But if you aim to create a new dotcom service and do not have the lowest budget, responsive web design will probably be more attractive for you. And again – think about the future. The usage of mobile devices is constantly improving and this phenomenom should not stop.