What is Bootstrap and how to use it?


Bootstrap is the most popular CSS and JavaScript framework – a tool made for responsive users’ interfaces supporting mobile devices. In this article we will introduce this amazing project established by the authors of Twitter and help to use the framework.


Bootstrap is made of grids, divided into 12 columns. Thanks to different CSS classes we may estimate how many columns there is in a given elements, which also can be grouped horizontally. Speaking english, Bootstrap was made to provide sharing set elements like menus, lists, different types of boxes, simplified headings, sliders, webpage navigation. Thanks to that we, less advanced web developers, are able to created nice and coherent website in a relatively short period of time.


The very first thing you need to do is to download all necessary files from the official page of the program. Then you ought to underlinked two CSS scripts and one JavaScript to our website. The authors of Bootstrap made it possible to create your own, customized version of framework. There is an editor on the website of the project, which allows us to configure any LESS variables, turning on or off jQuery plugins or different components.

All we got left to do right now is to start building simple layout and give it adequate CSS classes. Bootstrap will make everything else for us :)


The possibilities of Bootstrap are great and not only may ease a lot one’s not very advanced web user’s life, but also provides a lot of interesting solutions for those, who already are into IT subject of matter. We strongly recommend you using frameworks to improve your website.