What is Jetpack and who created it?


We know we live in world ruled by social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Gmail…These are the top social networks that  focus our attention most and are extremely popular among Internet users. For website owners and bloggers has become extremely important to get together with the sharing post / text / work on the website, it also appeared on social media platforms. For this to happen, with the help comes Jetpack. What is and who created JetPack?

JetPack is an enlargement created by Automattic, a company which is officialy engaged with WordPress. JetPack is very functional and connects lots of conveniences thanks to which, administration of various websites is much more comfortable. Thanks to JetPack Plugin, users who use the WordPress installed on their own servers have an opportunity to use much more functions.

What are JetPack’s functions?

First of all, you’ll get the notifications about activities at your server, such as new likes, comments and your new subscribents. What’s more you can automatically publish informations about new posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Path.You’ll know all you need to about viewing statistics because that’s another convenience offered by JetPack.

Charts and graphs of sales - a symbol of successful corporate business

Your readers thanks to JetPack can easily share informations about your article or post on Facebook, Twitter, Inagram and more, thanks to special buttons they can also print your text or send it by e-mail.

Is there something more?

Of course, there is. JetPack can be our private dictionary with automatic spell checker. What’s even more interesting, it allows you to place posts and comments written mathematical formulas using LaTeX language. There is much more useful and helpful features which you will learn during use the JetPack and I can ensure you, that you’ll be in positive shock how smart this plugin is. So, enjoy using it!

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