What is Responsive Web Design?


You might have come across this term a few times, especially if you have your own website. Let us resolve the doubts once for all and describe the definition and meaning of the responsive web design.


RWD is a way of web designing, which is responsive to the changes of the width of the screen, at which it is being browsed. This means that the website acts intuitive to the given device. You will easily surf the webpage on the laptop or the desktop computer as well as using smartphone or tablet. For example, the website will use all capabilities of the big screen, on the medium one it will lessen the size of the columns and on the small one there will be only one or few columns and rebuilded navigation.

Creating few different structures of the website for each device would be very time-absorbing and expensive. Responsive web design allows to establish one version of the webpage, which is already adapted every device.


Not more than just few years ago no one heard about the responsive web design, and only the most popular websites had their mobile (often very pruned) version. Now, surfing the Internet from other device than a desktop is a standard. In the era of smartphones and tablets, not adjusting to those devices would be a simple waste of potential customers of your website, Even if your statistics say that the percentage of the mobile visitors of your content is transitory, you may never be sure what is going to be in one or two years. The technology is improving extremely dynamic and adapting to this current may turn out essential for your business.