What is Zurb Foundation and how to use it?


In this article we will present you another leader of responsiveness within dotcm community – Zurb Foundation framework.


Zurb Foundation is a front-end framework, responsible for providing responsive grids, templates, code snippets and HTML or CSS components. It is an Open Source framework, which means any web developer from the world may give something from himself into the project. Created with the use of SASS processor, possess 12-column grid and is actually the first framework ever established with the “mobile first” rule.


Foundation may create so-called “block grid” system, thanks to which there happens quick division into columns in order to HTML list. You do not need to assign any elements to classes. For less advanced users, Foundation offers default settings, easy to configure to our own needs and expectations.

Foundation also possess a lot of useful supplements, such as:

  • form validation
  • responsive media / interchange
  • off canvas
  • left-right
  • table of prices


When we think about choosing the best framework with which we want to work, we should definitely think about mobile and desktop-first rules, as picking the crucial one for us will fruit with decision of choosing the framework. There is no doubt that Zurb Foundation is a perfect solution for mobile-first solution. It helps to create useful and effective elements without convicting the device.