What makes WordPress SEO-friendly?


SEO contains three basic matters – optimization, content marketing and link building. All mention processes derive its implementation in WordPress CMS and this is definitely the best choice if you care about your website’s improvement in SERPs ranking. What exactly makes WP so SEO-friendly?


One of the most important information about website optimization refers to the friendly URLs – the most basic truth when it comes to the SEO. WP allows to change URLs’ structure (settings → permalinks) and takes care of its look. We may also change dynamic links to the friendly ones. In bookmark ‘settings → basics’ we may decide whether our website shall have www structure or not.


An adequate sitemap will refine your internal linking and inform your browser about the update. WordPress SEO plug-in will automatically generate XML map having regard to posts, tags, websites, categories. In addition, with this plug-in you do not need to worry about its update – it is getting itself.

On-site SEO demands also optimization of chosen theme. Clear code, website structure, readable navigation or correct headlines are elements we cannot miss.


The times we live in right now demands strong attention around the social media, which are incredible source of both opportunities for your business and actual clients. A wide variety of plug-ins integrating your WP with e.g. Facebook or Twitter are nothing but help in this matter.


The biggest advantage of WP CMS is probably its open source code, thanks to which computer programmers from all over the world may prepare different labor-saving plug-ins.