Why free WordPress can be better than paid CMS?


A lot of you probably consider about which CMS choose – free or paid. Of course, every coin has two sides but today we’re going to focus on advantages and opportunities which provides us a free WordPress version.

It’s free

First of all, it’s FREE. It means that you don’t have to PAY for it. Sounds fantastic, right? What’s more free scripts has open source thanks to this, you’ll be able to edit this code. If you decide for paid version, there is a risk that only creators will have a power to edit something and you’ll be be dependent to developers interference.


Extensive community of users

If something is for free, much more people decide to use it. As a result, these people create a community that is trying to help themselves in difficult situations by creating newsgroups and forums. Community of WordPress is unbelievably enormous and it’s still growing. If you need some help or solution, all you have to do is ask a question and wait literally a moment for answer. To resume, you don’t need to buy extra help or technical support from creators of paid CMS.

Continuous development

WordPress provides its users continuous development and adaptation to the latest and the existing solutions. Updates, introduction of new products and taking care of the highest possible comfort are the goals for the creators of this CMS. Therefore, no one should doubt the professionalism of WordPress and effects that can be achieved  during use it.

free wp


WordPress flexibility lies in the fact that users can easily build their pages in many directions. This is due to all the widgets, templates and add-ins, which are very easy to use.

To sum up, that something is free, doesn’t need to mean it has to be of poor quality or problematic use. Therefore, if you want to opt for a free solution,  choosing WordPress will be the best and the only right decision in this regard. WordPress gives us plenty of opportunities through which alone we are able to create professional-looking website. And is not that we care about the most?


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