Why my website doesn’t sell?

Businessman saving money in a piggy bank

That must be terrible. You have really good products, you (did) have really good marketing conception and… something went wrong because you don’t sell, you don’t have clients. Actually, your website doesn’t sell and we probably know why…

1. Description

Okay, first of all – whether the product is presented in a readable way to user? You have to remember about it and try to put yourself into your readers’ position. In ‘presented’ we mean not only about nice pic, which by the way is VERY important because you must remember not only about size but also resolution and composition and method of presentation the product. But you should also remember about description which should be not too long not too short, simple but also sophisticated which definitely will attract more people to your store.

2. Photos

Speaking of photos, resolution, size and composition you should also remember about number of photos included in your e-store. We think that there is no need to say it but you have to add at least 3 photos of one product which will show the goods on each side.

3. How does it look?

Well, we don’t want to offend you but maybe your website is just bad- looking? We know that almost everybody know about modern themes and design but not everybody want to enable it into the e- marketing strategy. And that’s a really big mistake because the first look, first impression is very important not only in human communication but also in web communication.

4. Your offer is the same as everybody’s else

It’s not that your product must be different and one and only in the world (that also would be nice :)) but it’s all your offer. You must be creative ,use your brain, think a lot and surprise your clients! Even a minimal reduction in the prices or lower prices than the competition can encourage a large group of customers to buy in your store. Creativity should apply also on added photos and products’ descriptions. Keep in mind that what is the same as in others, will never stand out. And in the result, you won’t earn money.

5. You must inspire confidence

And that’s a fact. Nobody will buy clothes, fridges or food at your e-store if you’re not trustworthy. All you need is just strong arguments that you are the right person and everybody can trust you and your products.

6. People don’t know about your store

That’s sad but the truth is that even if you work really hard and do the best you can, without good positioning your store won’t bring profits. Take care of this aspect and trust us, you’ll definitely see the results!


Of course, the problem might be in some different area but these above are the most common problems (mistakes) that people can’t or don’t want to handle with. But believe us, even the smallest change can bring profits. Don’t be afraid of experiments, don’t be afraid of something new but the most important, don’t be afraid of your creativity and ideas!