Why should my website be SEO-friendly?


If you ever wondered what influences website’s position in e.g. Google browser and how to put your own on the top of the list, you have just started reading the right article.

Let us start with a brief introduction of the system itself. Web crawlers are nothing else but special programme which read out websites’ content and follow any link attached. Gathered information are being cataloged and allocated in search engine’s database. Crawlers thereby index internet space through eternal web searching. They are a factor which decides how visible your website will be in net browsers = whether your company will be easy to find for potential clients. Or, will your product have chance to charm buyers thanks to the quick notice. The game is worth a candle.


We differentiate two types of URLS – friendly and unfriendly. Except for being easy and trustful in customers’ perception, friendly URLs have also huge importance when it comes to the SEO. It is much easier for crawlers to wag through logic and orderly content. Using keywords as a link address is often crucial, too. Do not forget about sociological aspects – the more catchy and clear URL is, the more people will remember it and disseminate your ‘product’.


Flash technology allowes us to place lots of effective moving elements on our website. Turns out crawlers cannot index flash information and simply do not see given content. No matter how impressive and keenly your websites looks, there will be no victory, if no one will find it on Google.


Web designers offer beautiful websites full of graphics or individual page type often forgetting about the functionality. Pay attention to the amount of text in regard to the amount of the graphics. Disproportion in this case is meaningful – crawlers base their research mainly on text, not the images.

One of the latest hits – ‘one page’ website, as enormously attractive draws lots of attention, however contains very little amount of keywords. Any subpage has same URL, cause of which title, description and headlines also remain the same. This makes such websites particularly impossible to ‘trace’ by web crawler.

These are important aspects concerning the ease of researched websites. If you care about your recognizability do not hesitate to choose crawler-friendly websites during the process of creation.